Dedicated only to Kings and everyone else
I do apologize for grabbing everything backwards; your back is frightened to see me doing that though. How old is to be sad? Don’t know, maybe forty-six from now for clowns. Forty-ten for clowns that do not count. See Cows. It’s how they eat the grass, it is the mass that makes their cells. Not the bells. On the neck. Oh I see your back is back now let me wreck your neck with this bell. Go to hell. Go straight to cell. Pell-mell. It must be your duty to know how it feels to be born in bigger thing than an adult cow. Like zeppelin. Because when you have guts to put them into your guts, you should know them better then you know you because you are not into having guts to put your guts into your guts. The intermezzos! They are really like killer wasps: more powerful than killer bees but rare. Or how it is to be linked with a shrink. Big thing, how king release the sing. Singing with me on the boat full of cows and Cows. Nice picture with a king is always appreciated by Real Courtier. There is no real difference between c and C sometimes, sometimes there is a difference. Try to read it, than try to read it aloud. Are you allowed to do that in your local church? Your answer belongs on this place instead of words on this place. Try to reorganize these words into you words. Like a bird that follows other bird makes birds. Your choices affect your context. Set boxes, than pack all your nonsense. Hot relevance is way batter than my dance. Trance. In advance I recommend this substance. Chemical influence. Big lie small tie. Hi! My name is so boring that this sentence is less boring than that. In fact I like your pet. Alligator is sad to hear that. Get the word get, put it somewhere where nobody is able to get it back, it would be fun to do that, no one would be able to get an idea how to get it from there because it is impossible. Like to tickle a ribless girl. Sir you made my thing thinking about a lot of things, don’t you stink? Blink! Morning bird called Blinky sing about old parts of now read things, he was actually released by king, but you know that from the story behind us. Maybe behind a bus. Because a bus is sometimes behind us. Behind a bus – a place dedicated to trust in The Rust. Rusty bus that’s all I trust. Everything else must go to dust. Me, my name and my body are three things that are sometimes swapped. I like when it happens it makes a lot for them. Being told is like there is a machine that injects you with words. Now! And now! And now! Three moments, but much more than three. Maybe 624776 moments. But definitely more. Who cares. Teddy Bears couldn’t less. Pes. Word for a dog but not for pes. Let me guest this show. ‘Cos I’m gonna tell you nothing more. That’s cool you fooled me so I am fool . My eyes are to me like diamonds to mean people. Lit a fire you mister literate! I’ve got bad language in my thing, fuck! It’s real nice to have invisible boxes everywhere. Like every person does. Kings in the grass having picnic all the war. Bon apetite, messieurs! Mess and stress affects you less in grass it is my guess.

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